posted BY facial first // February 22, 2016

4 Skincare transitions for the fall

Let’s welcome the fall season with a new skin care routine. Our skin tends to work overtime to stay smooth, soft and healthy in this drier, cooler weather. Here are some changes to easily transit – try and see which combination works best for your skin.

Switch Up Your Cleanser + Toner
This simple but powerful change may make all the difference—try swapping your daytime cleanser + toner for milder and more hydrating alternatives. This way, the cleanser and toner remove the excess oil, nighttime products and other unwanted substances from skin’s surface, all the while replenishing a dehydrated complexion. If you like, keep your summer go-to cleanser and toner for your nighttime routine. (Let your skin decide.)

Try a Hydrating Exfoliant
Ditch the scrub. Use a hydrating exfoliant instead. If a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) exfoliant is your usual go-to choice, try alternating it a few nights per week with an AHA this fall (and winter). While both AHAs and BHAs smooth out the surface of skin, AHA exfoliants have one special gift that BHA does not — they help draw moisture into skin as they work into your rough, dry patches.

Facial Oils: The Booster BFF for Seasonal Skin
Non-fragrant facial oils are the way to go — they help treat a host of beauty concerns and can be used in more ways than one. When your skin goes from slightly dehydrated to flaky and dry with the cooler weather, trying different products into your routine with a few drops of a facial oil to boost the amount of moisture you need, right where you need it.

Upgrade to an Extra-Rich Eye Cream
For many of us, we suffer from cold weather especially the eye area. Our eye-area skin just tends to look exhausted and extra sensitive. If your facial moisturizer isn’t doing the job, try some kind of super-rich cream loaded with reparative and anti-inflammatory ingredients!

4 Skincare transitions for the fall

Let's welcome the fall season with a new skin care routine. Our skin tends to work overtime to....

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